Wall of K9 Fame

Mr Tyson, 11 years and still working.

Of course we look at the health of our patrol and detection dogs. Mr. Tyson still enjoys his work and proves himself every day again. For now he will be working as a back up for Mr. I.C.E (Policedog & EDD), Mr. R.E.D (Policedog & EDD), Mr Dax (100% Policedog), Mr Don Diego (100% Policedog) and Mr. Pronto.

Miss Yara - Detection dog
Mr. Pronto - Patrol dog (in training)

Mr. Pronto is the youngest of our pack but never the less very good in his work.
Mr. Pronto is in training for Police & EDD (Explosive Detection Dog) Besites these 6 males we have Yara she is a Narcotica Detection Dog.

Below we would like to give you a brief overview of our workingdogs in the past.
All dogs came to us at the age of 6/8 weeks and from this age we trained them to the work they did with us in adulthood.
All these dogs had an official certificate to do the work they loved to do from patrol, detetection and search dogs.

Wall of Fame

Miss. Kyra - Multiple times certified patrol and Narcotica Detection Dog

Past away 2018
Miss Kaitlynn - Narcotica Detection Dog

Past away 2018
Mr. Kane - Multiple times certified patrol dog

Past away 2018
Miss Boyca - Patrol and detection dog

Past away 2015
Mr Quattro - Multiple time certified patrol dog (Royal Dutch Policedog association and Dutch Association for Workingdogs)

Invited to the Dutch Championship for Workingdogs.

Past away 2013
Mr. Storm - Patrol dog
Past away 2013
Mr. Eros - Multiple time certified patrol dog and detection dog

Past away 2016
Mr. Gino - Certified Patrol dog.

Past away 2016


Miss. Nicky - Patrol & Detection dog.
She moved abroad to work as Ivory Detection Dog.


Miss. Sky - Certified patrol dog and detection dog

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